"Like Retina Display for your wall"


Major media dubbed 2015 the year the market moved from High Definition (“so 2009”) to Ultra Hi Definition. UHD has replaced HD in every tv and computer store, most movie theaters. And now, starting where social networking and home printing end, 5k Ultra High Definition Sizzlpix, spectacular display from 18” up to a stunning 6-feet with no sacrifice in resolution, luminance, color, contrast, vibrancy, and detail.

Dazzle visitors to your home, office, or gallery with your own best photography … 5k Ultra High Definition SizzlPix! with all their lifelike brilliance and stunning detail you just won’t see in ordinary paper, canvas or metal prints.

Click on Dr. Mark Stepovich’s sparkling 24″ ice-climbing SizzlPix!,
made from the 4MPX sensor in a 12-year old pocket camera.

What a gift! For Father’s Day, Weddings, Graduation, Birthday … your great photo is itself is a surprise, then the unique Ultra High Definition SizzlPix!

Make big ones from little ones. Now, even from just the cell phone camera you have with you all the time, and everywhere you go, you can have huge dramatic SizzlPix! up to 6-feet wide or high.

Setting up a gallery of 40 5k Ultra High Definition SizzlPix at University of California, one of us remarked on the irony of sharing wall space with a couple of permanent posters celebrating the pioneering photography and printing of Ansel Adams, who, nearly 100 years ago, set a standard for fine-art photography. Departing from others, he conveyed realism by emphasizing sharpness and tonal balance in uniquely dazzling enlargements.

A visitor, overhearing her while viewing the gallery responded, “Adams would have invented and used SizzlPix if he could have.”

GIVE US YOUR BEST SHOT … we’ll make it better!

See your own image glow with lifelike reality.

Since you’ll need neither matting nor frame, your savings could pay for your SizzlPix! Check out our low prices.. Yes, SizzlPix! High Definition Photography presents fine art for your home or office for hundreds, not thousands, of dollars!

Your SizzlPix! professionally packaged, ready to hang, with permanent simple 3-D mount already attached, will be securely professionally packaged and delivered promptly to your home, your office, or gift recipient anywhere on earth.

You have to actually see and hold your own SizzlPix! to appreciate their stunning detail and life-like brilliance, so we invite you to take the SizzlPix challenge. Order a photo you’ve previously printed, on your own printer or by a lab. If you don’t like your 5K Ultra High Definition SizzlPix better, return it for a full refund!


  • Gloss without Glare
    (water and fireproof)

  • Environmentally friendly?
    (no paper,cloth, wood, plastics nor glass!)
  • Economical?
    (The same cost or less than pro-quality
    matted, framed under glass!)