5k Ultra High Fidelity SizzlPix have been engineered to provide a long life for the image. Testing at Rochester Institute of Technology suggests an anticipated 100 years. Easily cleaned with any major brand glass cleaner or just soapy water, any sensible indoor use will provide decades of enjoyment.

Ultraviolet light is what causes those old posters in the barbershop window to fade to that weird magenta monochrome. Even the most expensive conventional photographic prints will fade in time, but 5k Ultra High Definition SizzlPix
have been tested to withstand even reasonable levels of UV, as well as the stains, tears, and scruffing that ruin paper and canvas prints.

Your image is not on the surface, but infused under the rugged UV coating that protects from ozone, UV, water and dirt. We expect this new technology to help SizzlPix! outlast any ordinary paper or canvas photo print.

That said, SizzlPix are not intended for sustained outdoor display. They can be expected to last for generations when displayed indoors, but, as any fine art, should not be exposed continually to direct sunlight.

Resistant to degradation by ultra-violet light and ozone exposure, as well as moisture and surface damage, SizzlPix should maintain their spectacular mirror finish and vivid translucency for generations in any indoor or shaded outdoor setting.

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