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November 2nd, 2009

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The Apple Photos Book For Photographers

January 8th, 2017

For more than a decade, Derrick Story has been entertaining and informing photographers every week on The Digital Story, and daily on his eponymous website. We take his recommendations seriously, because Derrick is no theoretician, rather a working photographer who brings us a lifetime of successful service to demanding clients from corporations to hobbyists attending his sold-out workshops or viewing his instructive videos.

The Apple Photos Book For Photographers At 185 pages, robust with screen shots, including before/afters, The Apple Photos Book For Photographers serves as an entertaining and eye-opening read. You’ll also want to keep it at your elbow for quick lookups, reminders to solve any of dozens of issues Derrick simplifies. Surprise! Apple’s new Photos app may be all we need.

If it would satisfy your fantasy to have Apple Photos’ developer sitting next to you while you file, adjust, and distribute your photography, Story’s book is even better. Without resorting to geek-speak about the technicalities of the program, his table of contents and comprehensive index simulate a conversation with a knowledgeable friend, guiding us step by step, while conversing pleasantly about our personal photographic interests and choices.

Characteristically, Derrick begins his chapter Organizing Your Images with a parable about the neatness of his own apartment, then concludes his introduction, “… what I’m going to do in this chapter is help you understand the Photos approach and then show you a few alternatives for library organization. A big part of the process is understanding what Photos is doing on its own. Then we can explore the options we have to augment that.”

Uniquely, as on his podcasts, website and social media, he shares his emotions, questions, and discoveries to help us consider , then readily execute, our preferences.

Apple’s Photos is a robust, all-in-one solution for managing, editing, and sharing our photos, but if you’ve depended on Apple’s website or Google searches for instruction, you may not know it.

Contents include:

  • Organizing Your Images

  • Editing Techniques and Extensions
  • Exporting and Backing Up Your Pictures
  • Geotagging and Metadata
  • Projects and Prints
  • Video
  • How I Use Photos For Mac OS

    and, with a wink, the very Jobsy, “Just One More Thing.”

  • “They have to be seen to be believed!”

    December 22nd, 2016

    Frequent fine-art photography exhibitor, multi-award winner and president of the Woodland, California Camera Forum,
    Susan Bovey describes her 5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix at UC Davis, “They have to be seen to be believed!”

    Stacked focus macrophotography
    5k Ultra High Definition SizzlPix!

    July 10th, 2016

    Robert Norris, PhD in Crop Ecology, and emeritus member of the Department of Plant Science at UC Davis has been taking close-up photographs of plants since the 1950s. His close-up photographs of plants reveal fascinating details that are not normally seen by the human eye.

    A major drawback to close-up photography has the very shallow depth of field, associated with macro lenses that can produce an image larger than the original subject. This has limited the photographer’s ability to capture the full detail of plant structures. Recent computers, specialized peripherals and software can now overcome the fuzziness introduced by shallow depth of field in a single photograph.

    When Dr. Norris’ technique is presented in new 5k Ultra High Definition SizzlPix, an original living organism a fraction of an inch in real life can be viewed closeup to spectacular sizes up to 6-feet wide or high, with no loss in reality, resolution or clarity!

    ©Robert Norris. Click (then click again on the little arrow-in-box under each photo)
    for the 5k Ultra High Definition SizzlPix™ online simulation.

    Robert says he’s been “blown away” with the pictures of plants that he has been able to obtain using the focus stacking technique and wants to share his excitement with anyone interested in plants and plant photography, and really anyone who enjoys wonders of the natural world, not previously visible. Many of his exhibited photographs show, now that they can be viewed close up, weeds are indeed beautiful.

    In Robert’s process, called focus stacking he uses the latest techniques, to take a sequence (stack) of photographs with incrementally changed focus point for each picture. Computer software then combines only the sharp, in focus, part of each into a single photograph. The result, a picture with essentially unlimited depth of field showing stunning detail that cannot normally be seen, as even a microscope has limited depth of field.

    SizzlPix have been described as “like no photograph you’ve ever seen” and by photographers, “like lifting a veil off my picture.”

    The beer or soda can you recycled last month may be in your 5k Ultra High Definition SizzlPix today! No paper, wood, glass, nor plastics … SizzlPix are totally green and environmentally friendly.

    With their breathtaking resolution and luminosity they provide a-near magical enhancement of the photography viewing experience. Your 5k Ultra High Definition SizzlPix images defy intuition by actually looking better as they grow larger!