Safety First

No shards! With no glass to shatter and no wood to splinter, SizzlPix are the perfect decor wherever the very young, the disabled or elderly may come in contact.

Printing photographs on conventional paper, plastic, and canvas often requires dangerous solvents which evaporate, adversely affecting plant personnel and releasing noxious toxins into earth’s atmosphere. SizzlPix manufacturing uses no such solvents.

Your 5k Ultra High Definition Sizzlpix will be delivered in safe secure packaging. Just open and hang on any simple convenient hook, nail, or screw. They are easily and safely lifted, moved, and handled in any indoor environment.

1903 hand-built Cadillac San Jose Fire Chief's Inspection vehical (restored) ©

1903 Cadillac custom-handbuilt San Jose Fire Chief inpection vehicle (restored) ©

Grand Tetons ©