Why SizzlPix!?

Modern photography technology outpaces consumer expectations by continually introducing smaller, easier-to-use cameras that produce higher and higher quality images, along with software development that makes the digital darkroom accessible to more and more, even casual, practitioners on ever-more powerful computers, tablets and phones. All of this, with greater choices and lower prices.

For the creator of photography, the opportunities increase exponentially. More people are taking more pictures.

For the consumer of photography, those of us who may or may not make the pictures ourselves, but who enjoy displaying fine art photography on the walls of our offices, homes, or appreciating it in public places, there have been few advances since the decline of traditional film and wet darkroom processing. Inexpensive desktop printers and conventional printing labs and frame shops abound, but the product remains the same; paper or canvas enlargements, usually matted, framed, and under glass, often expensive and vulnerable to fading and damage from moisture and sunlight, even the very air we breath. Perhaps most important, even when new, they look little different from prints made 10, 20, or 50 years ago.

Now, at last, along comes SizzlPix!™ 5K Ultra High-Definition Photography™, the first really new fine art photography wall display technology in decades.

notes on the joy of photography for research, discovery, and entertainment

Recent discussions among photographers, editors, and publishers have focused on the unique value of the still image in a world awash in billions of selfies and videos. We’re talking about ways in which contemporary still photography empowers us to see things previous generations could barely imagine.

All of this in the tradition of Civil War photographers carrying heavy unwieldy view cameras on tripods into the midst of bloody battle, enabling their countrymen at home to see for themselves the gore of war, and Eadweard Muybridge who ingeniously proved, 137 years ago, using cameras of his own invention, that indeed there was a moment when a galloping horse had all four feet off the ground.

Your creaitivity expressed in 5k Ultra High Fidelity SizzlPix can retain the precious never-before and never again moment with all its fine detail, not compromised no matter how close we look.

Only with new 5k Ultra High Fidelity SizzlPix, up to 6-feet wide, we examine and enjoy, when and for as long as we choose, a fraction of a second in the existence of anything from the tiniest microscopic organism to the infinite vistas of our universe.

Davis Criterium July 4, 2017 ©SizzlPix.com