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35 years a dentist, Ed Sims has built a practice on patient satisfaction, stopping at nothing to provide a comfortable hospitable environment for his patients. Using his own creative photography, he has decorated his offices with a dozen SizzlPix. Dr. Sims has found patients in his waiting and examination rooms enjoy his unique and varied displays and often ask him and his staff about these very special photographs. 

“As we’ve continued to add to our selection of my photography, our patients tend to be more relaxed, distracted from their anxieties. The 5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix have become a topic of conversation, and our patients seem to be enjoying this unique contemporary medium, while I’m encouraged to expand my horizons in photography.”


Your picture, or theirs, will be an unexpected personalized treat, but, then, when they see it in 5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix, WOW!

Sizes from 18″ up to 72″, a full 6-feet, wide or high, with no sacrifice in our famous razor-sharp resolution, brilliant accurate color, lifelike shadow and highlight detail, brilliance, and luminosity.

They're light-weight, stain proof, waterproof, with a 100-year rated durability, and a product that is 100% environmentally green … everything you’ve come to expect from SizzlPix.

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cigarette slave child labor
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David Thurston's provocative candid “Boy Smoker” is one of just a few photographic images submitted to be selected from thousands for display in London's prestigious Royal Academy Of Arts.

The unfortunate child captured so magically in David’s “Boy Smoker” may not live as long as his picture, which is displayed in SizzlPix, a proprietary state-of-the-art process for High-Definition photography display, among whose unique characteristics is a rated fade-resistance of 100 years.

The Royal Academy is the largest open submission exhibition in the world and has been held every year since 1769, even during wartime.    

Each year around 1,200 works are selected from as many as 12,000 entries by academicians who are practicing artists themselves. Photography, in the minority alongside painting, was accepted for the first time only a few years ago. David feels SizzlPix helped his work being accepted, and his having sold multiple copies.

5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix have been described, “like no photograph you’ve ever seen” and by photographers, “like lifting a veil off my picture.” They are made under dramatic environmental advantages, (no paper, wood, glass, plastics, cloth, nor noxious ink and chemical fumes) and, with their breathtaking resolution and luminosity, provide a-near magical enhancement of the photography viewing experience.

divers under water under sea submerged coral gardening asexual reproduction of staghorn and elkhorn coral clones environment rehabilitation conservation sea tropics
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animal bear nature stick ecology conservation

"Mike Boening here. I received my most recent SizzlPix order, the Koala bear. It looks awesome and is hanging proudly today. My son’s girlfriend from college came over and saw the image on my wall and yelled, ‘OMG, It’s in HD!’ I loved it.

"The time of day was nearly at noon so I know I didn’t want to involve any other pieces of the surroundings in the picture and knew that what I wanted was just the Koala in the frame. It just looked so peaceful in its resting area. When I composed in the view finder I saw the sun from above casting the rim light on the top of its hair and I was excited because it looked as if I was shooting with an off camera flash. The next piece was to just fill the frame completely with the animal and I took about 20 different shots and ended up with this one for the keeper." 

5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix seem to jump off the wall wherever they are shown!


Joanne Panizzera tells the story of her SizzlPix, "The diversity on the house reef at Capt. Don’s in Bonaire (Dutch Caribbean) makes diving there very easy; it’s the home of “diving freedom” where the tanks are always out and you can dive on your own schedule 24 hours a day. I am at about 50 ft. shooting up to the surface at my son and his Dad.”

Joanne, former Human Resources Manager at DayMen US  (Lowepro, Acme Made & Joby brands) in Petaluma, California, made this wonderful photograph with her Olympus E-M5 1/60 f/11.

She tells us, "The piece is perfect … from one very happy customer!"

divers under water under sea submerged coral gardening asexual reproduction of staghorn and elkhorn coral clones environment rehabilitation conservation sea tropics
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bird animal ecology conservation wildlife protection wind mills windmill soar nature
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Shawn Smallwood was featured on PBS NewsHour’s coverage of his consultation on current modifications to reduce the damage done to dwindling golden eagle populations by wind turbines. Golden eagles are protected under federal law. In California’s Altamont Pass alone, 35 golden eagles were killed by old-style turbines in 2013. 

"Their population is going down the drain. The Altamont is killing more eagles than the local population can reproduce," he observes.

Shawn Smallwood is a PHD [UC Davis] biologist, ecologist who advises companies where to put their turbines to minimize bird deaths.

To help document his findings, he has become an outstanding wildlife photographer. Shawn provides amazing closeups of the birds and animals, normally seen only from a distance, but now observable in fine detail in his 5k Ultra High Definition SizzlPix.

1-->  From any page, go to Reduced Prices. Choose your size and hanging option.

2-->  Then click on the violet Order Now button on any page.

3-->  Fill in our abbreviated order form, and you'll go automatically to your own image upload page.

double decker bus uc davis ucd university of california unitrans phone booth lamp palm tree red 1965
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5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix magic for planes, trains, and automobiles

SizzlPix are actually harder and more resistant to scratches than the surfaces of modern cars, but the real magic is the way a metal object seems real on 5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix!

If your passion is cars, or one very special car, truck, or cycle. You'll want it on your home or office wall. Even better, if your friend or loved one has a special car, surprise them with a SizzlPix!

1958 Cadillac El Dorado red Legion M show car restored fins white roof curved windshield
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toyo tires bilstein
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5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix by adventurer-photographer Joanne Panizzera. 

Champion - Mike deJung #66.                                        Porsche 911 Spec Group                                                 Sonoma Raceway - 2017

"This will be hanging in my Ex’s shop, deJung Motorsport.  My son and his Dad (the mechanic) took 3 yrs. to restore this Porsche and convert it into a race car. 

Mike has held the group championship 3 consecutive years…..yes, very proud Mom here!"

                                                                       1907 Stevens-Duryea Model U

red gold spokes antique collector car hood flag running board convertible automobile
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train locomotive steam cow catcher headlight antique railroad track
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All 5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix are waterproof, fireproof, and feature:

  • Gloss without Glare

  • Are environmentally friendly
    (no paper, cloth, wood, plastics 
    nor glass!) 
  • And Economical 
    (the same cost or less than pro-quality, matted and framed under glass!)                

  • Ol' 94 Western Railway Museum, Suisun City, California

                                             1956 DeSoto Fireflite and 1948 Buick Torpedo                                                                                         

    antique car pink white hood purple roadster white side walls sidewall finny fins curved collector mechanic driveway chrome
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    ford 1964 thunderbird curved windshield convertible chrome
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    Suzy Simons – Lifestyle Photojournalist and first-time SizzlPix client, writes, “Here I am, proudly showing off my new SizzlPix! I exhibited this image at a local Art Hop and the repeated descriptive words were that it looks like a retina display, viewable from all angles equally, the colors are vivid… it was a unanamous wow!”

    Says Suzy, “We stopped late in the afternoon to eat at the T-Bird Café. The vintage salmon colored T-bird sits outside the restaurant of it’s namesake on Route 89, Peeples Valley, Arizona.

    When we pulled up I stood still and took it all in. There were storms that had recently passed through which left storybook cotton puffs in the blue sky. It was perfect.

    As I scoped the angles to shoot I realized I didn’t want the customers' cars in the scene, so I walked around the car, squatted down to get an interesting perspective, watched the neon open sign flash each letter to finally glow all four letters for a second, set myself steady and made my photograph.


    "Recently, a client of mine wanted one of my images to help brighten up a dark area of a room. He faced costs of mounting, matting, framing, and glassing a large 36″ image, the weight of the final product; and the fact that matte prints can appear rather flat and dull, despite post-processing to jazz them up. 

    "Most importantly, the client wanted the image to look like it did on their computer screen — backlit, bright, luminescent, etc. — which, as we know, is almost impossible with prints, although metallic paper adds some of that extra dimension.

    aircraft airplanes stunt maneuvers smoke trails adventure risk excitement Rob Hanson
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    "Knowing that there are other sources for aluminum/metal prints, I contacted SizzlPix.com to see if they could explain how their product differed, and if they could justify an uplift in pricing over competitors. In a thorough and gracious email, Don sold me on the differences, not the least of which is the personal attention and hands-on care that each order receives.  

    "As I went through the process, I could see it was true.  Each order is carefully attended to, and they don’t start until all questions are answered.   They also offer a 30-day ‘remake or refund’ guarantee, so how could I go wrong?

    "I sent up the TIF, had several pleasant email conversations with Don, and they had the product turned around in about two days.

    "I took out the final product and was very pleased with the result.  We got the standard mounting system.  The premium print was lightweight , well-reproduced, not cropped, and had all the brightness that my client could have wanted.  While metallic papers can add a lot of punch and brightness, especially to an HDR image, the effect tends to be localized to certain, lighter regions of the picture, and those regions can be garish in the wrong light.  On the SizzlPix, the entire image had a luminescent, almost 3-D quality to it.

    "I delivered the SizzlPix! print to my client yesterday, and they loved it.  It was exactly what they were looking for.  I got a second followup email from them this morning, reiterating how much they were pleased.

    "In the end, the most important things when dealing with clients are: Listening carefully to what they’re looking for and what problem they’re trying to solve; targeting an effective solution; providing attentive and superior service; and closing the deal with a satisfied customer.

    hang hook nail wall couple tourist tuscany italy
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    Jennifer and Scott had been traveling through Italy on the first 2-week vacation they'd been able to take together in years. Both are photographers and had been filling their drives with exciting landscapes and architecture when they came across this creative fellow, Golden Cinema, a street performer in Florence.

    They tell us, "Once home, we started choosing favorites for 5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix and discovered SizzlPix Shadowbox frames are available in the usual black or silver, but also a stunning gold. "How perfect!"

    Enthusiast And Professional Photographers discovering 5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix

    "They have to be seen to be believed"

    Photographers, Decorators, Designers, Architects,  

    and professionals in medicine, research, education, law, technology, business and accounting are saving time and cash, decorating their offices, conference, rooms and lobbies with 5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix™, the state-of-the-art premium prints that engage your clients, arouse curiosity, inspire confidence, and many report, relieve anxiety.

    dragonfly insect needle sting cactus animal eyes antenna closeup close-up macro micro nature conservation ecology
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    Jess Hill wrote, "Received the picture in time for Christmas. IT WAS A BIG HIT!!! Your team did a wonderful job. 

    Stacked Focus Macrophotography In            5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix

    Robert Norris, PhD in Crop Ecology, and emeritus member of the Department of Plant Science at UC Davis has been taking close-up photographs of plants since the 1950s. His close-up photographs of plants reveal fascinating details that are not normally seen by the human eye. 

    A major drawback to close-up photography has the very shallow depth of field, associated with macro lenses that can produce an image larger than the original subject. This has limited the photographer’s ability to capture the full detail of plant structures. Recent computers, specialized peripherals and software can now overcome the fuzziness introduced by shallow depth of field in a single photograph. 

    When Dr. Norris’ technique is presented in new 5k Ultra High Definition SizzlPix, an original living organism a fraction of an inch in real life can be viewed closeup to spectacular sizes up to 6-feet wide or high, with no loss in reality, resolution or clarity!

    eroci flower cluster extreme closeup focus stacking close-up focus macro micro weed closeup close-up plant nature ecology conservation
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    Dr Norris says he’s been “blown away” with the pictures of plants that he has been able to obtain using the focus stacking technique.Many of his exhibited photographs show, now that they can be viewed close up, weeds are indeed beautiful.

    In Robert’s process, called focus stacking he uses the latest techniques, to take a sequence (stack) of photographs with incrementally changed focus point for each picture. Computer software then combines only the sharp, in focus, part of each into a single photograph. The result, a picture with essentially unlimited depth of field showing stunning detail that cannot normally be seen, as even a microscope has limited depth of field.

    Ken Wolter's Dramatic                            WILLOW RIVER FALLS AT FIRST SNOW

    "The exhibit of the Western Wisconsin Photo Club was a smashing success. During opening night, the image drew many comments and long views. I knew it was a favorite when I saw more than one person taking photos of the image with their camera phones. I took that as a compliment. 

    I previsualized  this image during my many years living in Southern California where views like that of Willow River Falls are uncommon. When I returned to the Midwest in late 2016, I knew that at first snow, I wanted to make the trek to River Falls State Park to see the falls again. In early December, 2016 the first snow arrived and I caught the falls at first light."

    water gin nature
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    Grand Tetons National Park Wyoming lone bull elk
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    Why settle for boring paintings or ordinary prints, matted, framed, even under glass, when,  for the same or less investment you could be showing your own photography in 5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix?


    Over the past eight years, Robert Flatt has displayed 50 SizzlPix to enthusiastic audiences at exhibits and galleries from Houston to Virginia and Philadelphia.

     "I started my crazy passion to become a photographer in 2000 when I discovered I had Parkinson’s disease.

    "Nancy and I accelerated our travel schedule. Parkinson’s has helped me 'slow down' to see this beauty and has given me the urgency to 'hurry up' and capture as much photographically while I still can.

    "I enjoy using my camera to paint pictures of birds flying, bees buzzing and dragonflies basking in the sun. Life is good!

    “My pictures look wonderful in 5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix. I’ve been recommending it to everyone, telling them it’s the only way to go."

                    ice snow cold freeze freezing lying swan bird photography 
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    {A photo taken by my wife Nancy of me photographing the swans in Hokkaido, Japan. The temperature was -20º c)


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    Franc Nigl writes: “Just received your work… Have to admit… I was astonished by the quality of the print… Excellent… I’m really happy that I chose to do it like this… Thank you very much for your excellent work. Now I’ve to check out whether there are some more I want to print this way.

    David writes: "Big Hand arrived yesterday and looks GREAT! I hung it today in what has been a difficult wall position to work with. Reason: this house has been designed/built badly. Heated air flows just behind that wall and toasts any normal paper print. 

    Sizzlpix will resist the heat and make a great greeting every time we go up the stairs.

    Thanks again. I'm still amazed at the quality from just my iPhone 5."

    blanchard sculpture statue
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    Fantastic lighthouse at sunrise

    Dominick writes: “I live out east in Long Island, NY. After Hurricane Sandy hit here I wanted to get out to Montauk Point and photograph the Lighthouse and see the extent of the damage. 

    I took many shots but my favorite was the this one at sunrise. The erosion from the storm has taken it’s toll here but it is still beautiful. When I received my SizzlPix of this shot I was so excited to open the box. When I unwrapped it I was even more excited. It was like I relived the whole scene over in even more color and clarity. I was truly impressed. 

    Derrick Story is right, it really is like a Retina display for your wall. I have shared this with friends and family and they were also blown away at the quality. Now I just have to pick the next picture to Sizzl. Thank you, SizzlPix!"

    Yes, they are waterproof! (warning: Don’t try this at home with a paper or canvas print.)

    SizzlPix! photography by James Powers; decorating by Bonnie Powers.

    Jim writes: “Our photo arrived today. My wife says it could not be more beautiful. The clarity and details are incredible.

    As you might imagine, it is hard to make a toilet setting very glamorous! We will be in touch when we decide on our larger photo for above the cast iron tub … great job!”

    waterfall b&w monochrome waterproof marble rocks forrest
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    Greg Rubstello and his once in-a-lifetime moment. He put himself in exactly the right place at the right time for his Legion Of Boom, which he displays in our spectacular silver Shadowbox Frame. 

    Seattle-based Greg Rubstello writes, “’Absolutely awesome!’, that’s what I shrieked when I pulled ‘The Legion Of Boom’ from the box. Not so coincidentally, my law office staff said the same thing when they saw it hung on my office wall. One of my law partners said, ‘You need to license that picture, that’s a great picture.’ The Silver Shadowbox frame really compliments the SizzlPix, thanks for the recommendation!

    “I am an amateur photographer who focuses on street photography and environmental portraiture. I recently organized the Seattle Street Photographers MeetUp Group. My image of Quarterback Richard Sherman and the Legion of Boom is a product of that background. I took the shot on a very crowed street corner in downtown Seattle through a sea of raised arms holding smart phones and tablets. I used that to my advantage in the composition. The sky was overcast and the sun although diffused by the clouds was very bright after coming around the tall building on the far right. Fortunately for me I was able to grab the shot at an angle to the sun and capture the spot light on Sherman’s hands and forearms making the gesture I wanted to capture in the image. The guy with the iPad image was pure gravy!  I love my SizzlPix and as you can see, this Seahawks fan boy proudly displays it on his office wall.”



    Another great example of a real photographer, seeing a subject photographed by nearly everyone who walks by, but using his imagination and quick wit to achieve a unique result! Michael's photograph of the VJ Day kiss statue is hilarious, a great combination of staging, composition and photo technique! Who could see it without smiling?

    Michael writes, “I received my 
    SizzlPix of my grab shot and I couldn’t be more impressed. Derrick is right in how sparklingly clear this process makes our images. The image will have a prominent place in my home. However, as I belong to a couple of local photo clubs in San Diego, I’ll be entering my SizzlPix into competition and it will hang in the Photo Arts Building in Balboa Park for a couple of months exposed to many other photographers and the general public. I hope this sends some new customers your way."            
    joke humor beach ocean kiss romantic romance nurse sailor spontaneous
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    san francisco bay
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    Derrick Story: "Premium prints better than originals!"

    Thanks to author, columnist, podcaster, instructor, and professional photographer Derrick Story for allowing us to make a 5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix! for his studio of his sensational Golden Gate Bridge aerial.



    Mark Hauser writes on Facebook, “Thanks so much, SizzlPix, for the awesome 20″x30″ metal print! I look forward to getting more of my photos sizzled!

    "I am one happy photographer… definitely a ‘retina display’ for my wall!

    "This image is one of those things that may never happen again and I am thankful I was able to capture a little of the scale of this fire.

    "The thing I also learned by getting my SizzlPix is that photography is not supposed to be just a bunch of ones and zeros sitting on a hard drive. Photography is about the print … being able to see one of your images and hold it and feel it turns photography from electronic magic into a tangible object.

    "I need to print more often and encourage my photography friends who don’t print… You should!”           

    smoke flame
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    Fred Brundick: "Eagle With Fish"

    He describes the experience, “I live about 15 miles from Conowingo Dam which is Bald Eagle Central for the East Coast. In July I was on the Susquehanna Trail and walked down to the river’s edge to take pictures of a Great Blue Heron on a rock in the river (there is a big rookery on one of the islands). 

    "While I was shooting, this young eagle flew straight toward me with his catch. At first he was barely above the water. He turned and landed in a nearby tree, then took off down river. It’s enough to make me want to be a photographer when I grow up (i.e., retire). I recently bought some business cards and it’s one of the images that I used.

    "I forgot to say how I like the enhanced details on the eagle’s face and tail feathers in the SizzlPix version.”

    Nick Nieto writes: “I’ve never had my image printed on metal before but I’ve seen others and was very excited to get the final results.

    "After waiting about a week and a half my print came, much more quickly than I had even hoped. After spending some time examining the print I must say that I am extremely pleased with the final result. The details and colors came out wonderfully! I would say it really is like a retina display on my wall.

    The [Deep Space] look is very dramatic and stands out on the wall. I would definitely recommend Sizzlpix for anyone interesting in putting their print on metal, it’s not cheap but well worth the final result!

    Sizzlpix was awesome!!! Print quality amazing, I highly recommend them!

    The image looks great! I have a customer who orders a set of canvases every year and I’m going to try to talk him into Sizzlpix this year  🙂I am very pleased!”

    bridge rocks water new york night skyline bridge
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    Tap For SizzlPix Effect           

    Another spectacular image by Ed Shields, an excellent advanced amateur photographer, whose “Wells Rails” SizzlPix exemplifies extreme depth of field, from inches to infinity, and a creative use of monochrome layered with just a subtle color in the clusters of old wooden buildings to the right and left.

    It’s also a compelling composition that creates fine-art photography from what in less skilled hands could be an ordinary subject. In his Wells Rails, Ed has created what one can imagine is the view looking back from the caboose as a train hurtles through a tiny town and the sun sets behind those distant hills!

    Ken Latman reported, "Our show opened with great success. Both Matt and I received a lot of complements on the Sizzlpix pieces. I have received some interest on people wanting to purchase and have also directed several of them to Sizzlpix's website.

    Mike Owen the gallery owner says he has had many photography shows open at his gallery but this by far is the most traffic that has come through for any show, photography or other medium. He was very impressed with 5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix.

    Fall Canopy ©Ken Latman

    woods, sunset,sunrise,tree,foliage,forest golden leaves, nature, environment, conservationleaf trail
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    antelope canyon slot monument valley arizona colorado utah tourists photographer light shaft
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    Matt Bryant partnered with Ken Latman in the Akron show.

    Here he demonstrates his unique journalist/photographer's eye and exceptional technical skills, capturing the moment and presenting a unique perspective on an often-photographed subject.


    Is white a color? Is gray? If not, photographer Fred Light gives a new meaning to monochrome with his breathtaking interpretation of New England’s snow cover.

    fence tree wood barn house red duotone
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    Tap For SizzlPix Effect           

    Photographer Doug Kaye has discovered unusual techniques that have resulted in a spectacular momento, as well as a fantastic exhibition of his artistic skills.

    “The challenge was to find an image that was dramatic enough to take full advantage of 5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix technology. 

    “I captured this image of a corroded latch on a weathered door in Santa Fe. By using a small handheld LED flashlight as a key light and underexposing by -2 EV (aperture priority), I was able to get rich saturation in the upper midtones and full detail in the highlights while not giving up the shadows.

    “I was nervous about the color of the final SizzlPix, but what came back is a near-perfect match to my original. I’m accustomed to framed prints and I didn’t take into account the overall real estate of the total package. It’s not at all like any regular print. A SizzlPix really is “HD” and doesn’t appear to introduce any grain or texture of its own. I told another photographer friend that the closest thing to a SizzlPix is probably a high-resolution LED display."


    A reasonably fantastic experience, actually, and a first for us. John Russell is a philatelist and photographer whose submission for SizzlPix was a macro image of a strip of five commemorative postage stamps he wanted produced 12” by 36”.

    Yes, the stamps would show, each a foot wide. Quite a challenge, but the kind we love. A real opportunity to show off SizzlPix technology!

    Writes John, “Zowee!  I am delighted with the results of the processing of the five train stamp strip.  Once I do a show-n-tell at next month’s stamp club meeting, I’ll find it a place of honor in my den. Thanks to all involved with this good work."

    20th century limited locomotive steam electric streamline perforation micro macro
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    Tap For SizzlPix Effect           


    "Sensational! I'm used to seeing prints that are never 'quite as good' as the images I see on my phone or computer screen.

    "What a difference!

    "Enlargements that are better than the original! It's proudly hanging in my home. Good work, SizzlPix." 


    “Visitors to our home have always enjoyed art and artifacts from the exotic locales we’ve been fortunate to visit over the years, but they are enthralled by our SizzlPix made from snapshots we took in Sicily.

    We had seen the originals on our computer, of course, but Ed and I had no idea how big and bright the SizzlPix would be.

    We’ve hung them together in a prominent place next to our fireplace where our friends comment on the luminosity and depth they’re not used to seeing in photography. They have a hard time believing these are snaps we took ourselves with just an old pocket camera!”           


                    temple columns mountain tourist evening
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    Panoramas are sensational in 5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix, either stitched from multiple images in post production, or compiled automatically in smart phone panorama camera mode.

    San Francisco from Coit Tower seeing Lombard "Crooked" Street to Golden Gate Bridge

    Moulton Farm Sunrise, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

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    church cathedral duomo orvieto tuscany italy village town ancient roof grooves pink tower spire
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    Two or more SizzlPix hung together can display two entirely different perspectives on the same subject …

    … creating an almost "Ken Burns" effect on the wall. This is a wonderful presentation for museums, libraries, as well as teaching, research, and academic  environments.

                   church cathedral duomo orvieto tuscany italy village town ancient roof grooves pink tower spire tourist
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    evening river creek lake pond mountain
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    Ansel Adams said, "You don't take a picture; you make it."

    An enjoyable exercise for us photographers can be an internet search for the subject of your photos (before the shoot, after, or both).

    Even while in the field or studio!

    Usually, we find hundreds, even thousands, of other photographers' favorite images, made from the same subject.

    Photographers at every level of skill and experience turn every project into a challenge and a learning experience.  

    An example, this evening photograph of Mt. Moran, Grand Teton National Park in western Wyoming.