Starting where social networking and home printing end, 5k Ultra High Definition Sizzlpix, spectacular display from 18-inches up to a stunning 6-feet with no sacrifice in resolution, clarity, luminance, color, contrast, vibrancy, and detail.

Dazzle visitors to your home, office, or gallery with your own best photography … 5k Ultra High Definition SizzlPix with all their lifelike brilliance and stunning detail you just won’t see in ordinary paper, canvas or metal prints.

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Enjoy your SizzlPix now and pay nothing until December. No payments and no interest if paid in full within 6 months.

Order through PayPal and  choose "Get More Time to Pay."

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Make big ones from little ones.  Now, even from just the smartphone camera you have with you all the time you can have huge dramatic SizzlPix up to 6-feet wide or high.

(Dr. Mark Stepovich’s sparkling 24″ ice-climbing SizzlPix
made from the 4MPX sensor in a 12-year old pocket camera.)

He says, “My friend Doug and I took pictures of each other on our ice climbing expedition in Lee Vining Canyon, California.

"We’re not pro photographers, but these SizzlPix made from our own digital pictures are a knockout in my dental office. The bigger one is 35-inches wide, displayed where everyone sees it, over our reception desk.

I practice in Silicon Valley where many passing through our offices tend to be insiders in high technology. Yet, it's remarkable how many say, "wow!," and want to know where I got my SizzlPix, and how they're made so vibrant and colorful."

What A Gift!

For Birthdays, Mother and Father's Days,
Weddings, Graduation, Christmas, Bar 
Mitzvahs and Confirmations, Home and 
Office Warmings ... Your great photo itself is 
a surprise, then the unique Ultra High 
Definition SizzlPix - wow! Double Impact!!

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The beer or soda can you recycled last month may be in your 5k Ultra High Definition SizzlPix today.                            


With no paper, canvas, wood, glass, nor plastics, SizzlPix are all aluminum, environmentally friendly!

Since you’ll need neither matting nor frame, your savings could pay for your SizzlPix. Check out our reduced prices. Yes, SizzlPix High Definition Photography presents fine art for your home or office for hundreds, not thousands, of dollars! 

Your SizzlPix, ready to hang, with permanent simple 3-D mount already attached, will be securely professionally packaged and delivered promptly to your home, your office, or gift recipient anywhere on earth.

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New Technology

Setting up a gallery of 40 5k Ultra High Definition SizzlPix at University of California, one of us remarked on the honor of sharing wall space with a couple of permanent posters celebrating the pioneering composition and printing of Ansel Adams.

 Nearly 100 yearly 100 years ago, Adams set a standard for fine-art photography. Departing from others, he conveyed realism by emphasizing sharpness and tonal balance in uniquely dazzling enlargements. 

A visitor, overhearing her while viewing the gallery responded, “Adams would have invented and used SizzlPix if he could have.

Millions of years of natural erosion created this "Indian Head," rock which can only be seen for a few minutes when the shadows are perfectly aligned.

You have to actually see and hold your own SizzlPix to appreciate their stunning detail and life-like brilliance, so we invite you to take the SizzlPix challenge. Order a photo you’ve previously printed, on your own printer or by a lab. If you don’t like your 5K Ultra High Definition SizzlPix better, return it for a full refund!

5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix©Dave Hanke,  rider Ken Vanderhoof 

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Save Up To 50% For A Limited Time!

To celebrate the launch of our new website, we you may save up to 50% by ordering this month.

Discount is 10% on the first SizzlPix in your order (yes, everyone gets this one);

20% on your second;

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40% on your fourth;

50% on your fifth, ordered at the same time.

Just write "first of five," "third of four," etc. in the comment space on the order page, or, if it's easier, tell us what you want in an email to info@sizzlpix.com.

Mix and match any images, sizes and hanging options. (In mixed orders, lower prices get larger discounts.)

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Designers, decorators, architects, and, of course, photographers are enjoying easier days, greater profits, happier clients, and many more referrals by installing 5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix on office walls, in corridors, conference rooms and reception areas.We are happy to offer quantity discounts and accommodate your timing and delivery specifications.

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When your pride in great photography takes your imagination soaring beyond the phone or tablet screen, you may exhibit in galleries, museums, restaurants, stores, and on the walls of fine homes and offices.

Your photography deserves a more flattering display than to be surrounded by wide borders of glaring cheap white pasteboard.

You'll want 5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix.

Let us know when and where you're showing, and we'll lend professional publicity support within these pages, and throughout the internet, including major social media!

(Noriko Smallwood ©Shawn Smallwood)

The Small Print About Big Prints

All content on our site is ©SizzlPix.com, LLC. 

In addition, named photographers own the rights to their own images, which may not be used for any purpose, electronic or analog, without written permission.

Mostly, we make SizzlPix from your own photograph, but many of the examples shown throughout this website are for sale by the original photographer in 5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix, 18 inches to 6-feet, or licensed case-by-case for limited reproduction in digital or print media.

Your inquiries will be forwarded to the individual rights holder. Please use our Contact Us page (Navigation above) or email: info@sizzlpix.com

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Office lobbies are an ideal venue for 5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix. Here we see four SizzlPix displayed around the front doors and windows of the Alumni Association Building at University of California, Davis. They were selected to inspire fond recollections of campus life and associate visitors with good times, past and present. Innovative and inexpensive decor that immediately became the focal points of the room.


Why settle for ordinary prints, matted, framed, under glass, when, for the same investment, you can display 5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix?            

               paper, cloth, wood
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Organizations and enterprises have found 5k Ultra High-Definition SizzlPix a unique premium or gift to reward clients, customers, vendors, contractors and others to whom you want to say a profound THANK YOU!

They are a unique surprise, the state-of-the-art in fine art and personal photography. Most recipients have never seen SizzlPix. Be prepared to hear, “Wow.”

SizzlPix are economical, easy to ship, handle and hang, surprisingly light weight, environmentally green, waterproof, scratch and even fire-resistant, a premium or gift that will literally outlive its recipient with a fade-free archival life rated at 100 years.

In sizes from 18” to 6-feet, longest dimension, your recipient will be amazed to see what has been described as “retina-display for the wall,” a huge display that, can be viewed close-up with resolution, color, and clarity normally seen only a 4 or 5-inch smart phone screen.

Ask us for special premium and re-sale quantity pricing.

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